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Chicago Slitter eNewsletter for August 2012

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Chicago Slitter’s eNewsletter for August 2012 features articles and links about laser blanking systems and laser technology. Chicago Slitter’s technological evolution in the control of strip feeding in conjunction with laser technology eliminates costly stamping dies, cuts ultra high strength steel easily and is flexible enough to be extremely efficient even for low to medium volume partRead the Full Article

Chicago Slitter Main Machine Product Line

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Chicago Slitter Coil Slitting

Chicago Slitter is a trusted name in supplying innovative solutions for coil slitting, blanking and cut to length applications. Our commitment to provide cutting edge solutions has led us to expand our product line with exciting new coil technologies. We have made progressive advancements in Coil fed laser blanking and Coil fed Flexible Punching andRead the Full Article

Keeping Stainless Flawless for Appliance Stamping, Fabrication

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Chicago Slitter Keeping Stainless Flawless

Appliances are increasingly being made of stainless steel to satisfy consumers’ growing demands for these highend products. According to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), the use of stainless steel in home appliances has increased in the last five years and is expected to continue to grow. Nearly 20 percent of all ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators sold have a stainless steel finish. Additionally, microwaves, outdoor grills, andRead the Full Article

Evaluating In-house Coil Slitting

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Evaluating In-house Coil Slitting

Stampers considering in-house slitting first must decide whether to invest in used or new equipment.  Some advantages of in-house slitting include control coil inspections to prevent processing flawed materials, control delivery times, build in-house expertise, purchase raw materials for less through a broker or directly from the mill, eliminate one leg of freight expenses, sellRead the Full Article