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Chicago Slitter Main Machine Product Line

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Chicago Slitter Coil Slitting

Chicago Slitter is a trusted name in supplying innovative solutions for coil slitting, blanking and cut to length applications. Our commitment to provide cutting edge solutions has led us to expand our product line with exciting new coil technologies. We have made progressive advancements in Coil fed laser blanking and Coil fed Flexible Punching andRead the Full Article

How to Handle Critical Surface Coil

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How to Handle Critical Surface Coil

Whenever the finished surface of the material touches another surface, there is the possibility of damage. Equipment and process deficiencies can damage the finish during operations such as slitting, recoiling or cutting to length. Scratches can be caused by improper braking on the uncoiler, or any increase or decrease in tension on the coil thatRead the Full Article

Protecting Surface-Sensitive Materials in Coil Processing

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Protecting Surface-Sensitive Materials in Coil Processing

Chicago Slitter writes about the importance of handling coils properly. Surface-sensitive materials need extra attention and care due to equipment and process deficiencies damaging the finish on these materials during operations. Protecting finished surfaces is key, every point in a coil processing line at which the finished surface of the material touches another surface is anRead the Full Article

Service Center Installs World class Coil Processing Lines

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Chicago Slitter Coil-Slitting Line Article

Chicago Slitter’s 72-inch wide coil-slitting line is featured in Edgcomb Metals’ Murfreesboro, TN, facility. All tooling is shimless and is computer generated. The superior engineering behind the slitting line gives Edgcomb the ability to hold width tolerances to +0.002 inches and cut from 0.008 inches up to 0.187 inch stock thickness. Edgcomb has broken a numberRead the Full Article

Bing Metals to Compete for Automotive Industry Business

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Modern Metals Chicago Slitter Coil Processing

Chicago Slitter’s 72-inch coil processing line at the Bing Metals Group runs various low carbon, high strength, coated and non-coated coils in gauges from 0.018 to .25 inch.  Stability, consistency and top-notch quality are the hallmarks that have made Bing Metals Group – Steel Processing one of the top steel suppliers to the automotive industry.  Download the Full Article and read howRead the Full Article