Centerline vs. Shouldered Set-Ups

Centerline set-ups are typically recommended for cut-to-length lines or slitting lines that include a leveler.

For almost all other slitting applications using a shouldered set-up will reap the highest productivity and operating cost savings from tighter set-ups, longer equipment life and reduced set-up time.

Consider these benefits to shouldered set-up:

  • Straighter wound coils result from less deflection at the uncoiler, slitter, recoiler and over-arm separator
  • Longer uncoiler and recoiler bearing life
  • Reduces uncoiler set-up time since coil positioning/measurement are eliminated
  • Presets inboard side guides saving time typically spent on positioning side guides on a centerline set-up.
  • Reduces accumulated tolerances from slitter spacers and over-arm separator
  • Longer knife and stripper life because knife clearance is consistent
  • Eliminates the need for edge control on straight wound coils
  • Requires less edge trim so more metal can be slit with less waste
  • Extends the life of the uncoiler guides since traversing the uncoiler is no longer necessary
  • Eliminates the need for expensive outboard supports on the uncoiler and recoiler.