Touchless Edge Control

For unequalled reliability and accuracy for your edge control system, Chicago Slitter has the ideal answer – Touch-less Edge Control. This affordable upgrade integrates with your current edge system, installs quickly and comes with detailed installation instructions along with all the components needed to make the conversion.



The major benefits of Chicago Slitter’s touch-less edge control upgrade are reduced maintenance costs and increased performance of your slitting system. Additional features and benefits of our touch-less edge control upgrade include:

  • Non-contact sensors
  • Will not damage edge of thin gauge material
  • Decreases rejected coils due to damage
  • Works with existing Chicago Slitter edge control system

  • No additional expensive hydraulic valves or piping required
  • Easy to install
  • Less expensive than other edge control systems

  • Fiber optic signal
  • High accuracy, +/- 1/32″
  • Easy to adjust

  • Protected and durable sensors
  • Less susceptible to damage
  • Reliable

  • No moving parts
  • Minimal maintenance

Please Contact Us to learn more about our Touchless Edge Control.