Tension Pad Upgrade

Re-dressing tension rolls every other time you grind knives is a major maintenance investment. By adding a tension pad upgrade, you can extend the life of your tension rolls up to three times. Chicago Slitter offers an economical tension pad upgrade that can be retrofitted to almost any tension stand, whether it is Chicago Slitter or another OEM’s equipment.

In addition to a quick return on investment:

  • Tension pads remove excess oil from the material, which means less downward nip pressure is necessary so tension roll life is lengthened.
  • Improved material tracking which translates to easier recoiling and reduced edge damage for fewer rejected coils.

The upgrade features powered adjustment, a powered operator access aisle, and a quick pad disconnect for most installations. Manual disconnection of tension pads allows the pads to be removed from the unit for interchange or service. This feature permits a change in minutes.

Specifications of this upgrade  include the following:

Maximum Material Width 72″
Thickness Range 0.010″ to 0.250″
Process Speed 0-1000  FPM
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Chicago Slitter Tension Pad Upgrade

Chicago Slitter Tension Pad Upgrade

Chicago Slitter Tension Pad Upgrade

Chicago Slitter Roll Tension Pad Upgrade